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Project Description

My colleague is a member of Bansdroni Hridhi and thus, I get to know of all their activities, modus operandi, etc.. I find this group genuinely involved and appreciate their commitment and sincerity towards the underprivileged sections of our society. I, along with my friends and associates have contributed towards few of their causes. I have full confidence that our contributions, however small, will be spent usefully and together, we can bring some positive changes in our society. I find them very humane and empathic especially towards orphans and aged persons who have been distanced from their families. I am glad to be associated with this group and wish them the very best for the future…

Santanu Chatterjee

With the flow of time and growing experience, I could have realized that there were lots of people who did not have a minimum necessary means to live a normal life. They are deprived of essentials like healthcare, safety, education, shelter etc. I used to feel the need to work for them rather for our own society but factors like stress, busy lives and the dearth of time kept me away from these. Then luckily on an auspicious day, I came to know about “Bansdroni Hridhi” and their works for the society, for underprivileged people, for children, for aged citizens with food, shelter, education, healthcare etc. I was overwhelmed to know the way they think for people. Now I am really proud to have become a part of noble services provided by “Hridhi”. I would be happier if someone is known to me be a part of it. I wish all the success for “Hridhi” and it works for the sake of mankind.

Aditi Banerjee, Nabapally, Barasat


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