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“From the secretary desk”

Bansdroni Hridhi is having cohesive, strategic plan that would facilitate success in our activities and mission. We have to effectively raise and capitalize on financial support.

We are having a Governing  Body from people of different areas, we maintain democracy. Our governance is foundational to transparency.

We maximize the use of current technologies that could facilitate better communication and networking. More effective use of technology can assist us in staying abreast of important regional, national and global concerns.

Our development approaches are flexible, sustainable and relevant to the community as they could be.

The main challenges to achieving our dreams for building an OLDPHANAGE is :

Lack of Funds

It is difficult to garner sufficient and continuous funding for their work. Gaining access to appropriate donors is a major component of this challenge. We are having the limited resource of funding. We should have sufficient project, organizational and financial sustainability.

To sorted out our Fund problem our plan are as below :

  1. Locate Opportunities: Find an appropriate grant and funder for their focus and mission.
  2. Solid Concept Note / First Round Application:       We are ready with all criteria and provide all of the information the donor/funder requires.
  3. Capacity Building: Capacity building and training can help to provide crucial new skills. We can then more readily train staff and cultivate the necessary skills within the organization to address challenges going forward.
  4. On-Demand Advice From Experts: The ability to reach out for needed advice and guidance whenever required during a project or to optimize our operations is extremely valuable. Access to qualified experts will inspire confidence in donors and contribute to the project’s success. NGOs will naturally become more efficient, streamlined and effective.
  5. Information, Communication, and Technology

We are using a minimum of the Internet, email, a basic website, and relevant social media platforms.

But efforts and hope for future gives us the strength that one day we shall definitely reach our dream in near future.



From the desk of the President

“Bansdroni Hridi” is a young organization and was founded as a developmental NGO aiming to stand beside our less fortunate brethren of the Society who are in dire need. We are focused and committed to our activities and have been undertaking various developmental programs that seek to alleviate the suffering of people fighting against poverty, natural calamities and diseases.

In a humble way, we endeavor to reach underprivileged, needy children, aged & ailing persons and give them an encouraging new lease of life.

Our focus is basically on orphans and aged persons who have been distanced by their families. Life expectancy of older people today is higher than ever before and is increasing progressively. We aim to provide older people with the means to lead a dignified life along with medical care. Hence, our long-term vision is for an “Oldphanage” where the orphans and aged persons will be interdependent on each other giving both a feeling of a family.

We also have plans to support women and youth by offering them vocational training, enabling them to be financially independent and lead a life with self-esteem.

Bansdroni Hridhi is in its nascent stages and therefore seeks to learn from and co-operate with all related organizations, government agencies, policymakers, professionals, et all for continuous improvement to serve the Society in a better way. As we grow, we intend to diversify our activities to reach out to more and more people and bring a positive change in their lives.

We express our sincere gratitude to our donors for their kind support and are optimistic that as we grow and progress further, our union will help spread hope and positivity among more and more people.

We hope this website will create awareness and will encourage us to carry on with our projects and bring a positive change in our Society.

With Regards


Bansdroni Hridhi’s 1st souvenir “HRIDHI INITIATIVE” was published on the eve of 3rd foundation day on 24th March 2019….

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No third party agency is working on behalf of BANSDRONI HRIDHI for any camps or other activities related to BANSDRONI HRIDHI. Please check/consult with BANSDRONI HRIDHI directly to get the correct information or assistance. Please beware of any unwarranted claims made by anyone on our behalf. Kindly bring any such claims to our notice for immediate attention and action.
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