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  • To inspire breakthroughs and bring permanent changes in the way our society treats children and aged people.

  • To improve the health and overall quality of the lives of elderly citizens who are distanced from their families.

  • To protect the abandoned and vulnerable children from abuse and/or neglect and support them with food, shelter, education, self development skills and health care.

  • Encouraged by the stupendous success of our project of distributing old clothes in various rural areas, we have now decided to purchase a vehicle which will function as a “Mobile Clothes Bank” for collecting old clothes from Kolkata and surrounding areas and distributing them to the underprivileged in the rural areas of West Bengal.


  • A world in which the underprivileged – mainly children and aged persons will get food, clothes, shelter and education for their survival, protection, development and participation.

  • To build an “Oldphanage” – an old age home and an orphanage in two separate houses within the same premises – by 2025. We aim to make it homely by encouraging love and care of a family and bring a positive and marked change in the lives of both elders and children.


  • Understanding

  • Empathy

  • Integrity

  • Unity

  • Responsibility

  • Commitment

  • Transparency

  • Justice

  • Democracy

  • Accountability


No third party agency is working on behalf of BANSDRONI HRIDHI for any camps or other activities related to BANSDRONI HRIDHI. Please check/consult with BANSDRONI HRIDHI directly to get the correct information or assistance. Please beware of any unwarranted claims made by anyone on our behalf. Kindly bring any such claims to our notice for immediate attention and action.
BANSDRONI HRIDHI doesn’t charge any money from anyone for these activities. So if you come across any individual/ organization making a monetary demand in our name please bring it to our notice immediately contact us by bansdronihridi607@gmail.com